Most PR photographers and corporate videographers I know steer well clear of weddings.

“I did a wedding once,” they will mutter with a haunted, faraway look in their eyes. “Never again.”

Maybe I have masochistic tendencies, but I try to do half a dozen or so wedding videos a year.

Yes, they are exhausting. Yes, they are pressurised. No, you cannot ask the bride to rerun her walk down the aisle so you can try a different aperture setting.

But…they are also a fantastic way of keeping you sharp and a great opportunity to experiment with different techniques – both on the shoot, and in the edit.

I’ve learned loads from my most recent batch of weddings, and am already applying the lessons to my forthcoming PR video shoots.

Thankfully, my newly weds have all said lovely things about my recent efforts. One bride emailed to say that she cried non-stop while watching her video.

I think  she meant it as a compliment.